7 Reasons Your Job is On the Line.

So you may be a good doctor but if you are not offering telemedicine you may want to reconsider.  Although you might be on the fence, your patients may be ready to find a new doctor, and here is why.

7 Reasons Your Job is On the Line.

A Patients Perspective on Telemedicine.

Aside from an annual physical exam there aren’t a lot of good reasons to go IN to see the doctor these days. In fact here are 7 reasons your patient is better off seeing you online.

1 – The waiting room is full of germs, if you didn’t show up sick you certainly will leave sick. With Zika virus running rampant it’s a surprise the CDC and WHO haven’t endorsed telemedicine yet. The last thing you know is to contract a deadly disease in a crowded waiting room.

2 You will have to wait.. You spend an hour in the waiting room, 5 minutes with a nurse and 15 minutes staring at the wall to get a refill on a medication you’ve taken a thousand times. Well you know as they say, “Ain’t nobody got time for that”. Stay at home, log on and let the physician come to you.

3 – Your doctor isn’t there anyway. Physically they are present but mentally your doctor is being pulled a million different ways. They are staring at the computer screen, being pulled away by the nurse, trying to remember what codes they need to put in. So they are looking at you, touching you, but deep down they are too distracted to give you the attention you need. With telemedicine its just you and your doctor, no distractions. It is virtually personal.

4 – It is not working for you. How many people have gone to the doctor year after year, only to see the number on the scale get higher and the lab numbers get worse. With insurance companies mandating doctors see a high volume of patients, doctors aren’t able to spend enough time educating you to help you make a change. Online thats different. Imagine 30 minutes with your doctor where they actually have time to explain the problem, you actually get it, and your health improves over time.

5 Your time is too valuable. Do you really want to take a day of work and miss out on the opportunity to climb the ladder of success because you missed an important project or meeting? You shouldn’t have to choose between your health and your career.

6 You already paid for your virtual visit. Most insurance companies cover virtual visits anyway. Would you pay for a meal and not eat it? Would you buy gas and not drive your car? If its covered why not use it? And even its not covered, it’s the best money you will ever spend.

7. You have better things to do. Shop travel, brunch with the girls, drinks with the guys. Why should you waste your day in a doctors office when the technology has been around for 20+ years. Work hard, play hard, and be healthy too without the hassle of old school medicine killing your vibe.

So you can see why if you aren’t participating in telemedicine your job may be on the line. PATIENTS WANT VIRTUAL DOCS. If you still aren’t convinced don’t take our word. Ask your patients. Contact us for a FREE telemedicine readiness survey for your practice. If you are already a believer the Virtual Physicians Summit is a conference you don’t want to miss. You will walk away with the resources you need to provide a better patient experience, enjoy a better lifestyle and more financial freedom. Register online at: