Houston: Tips for Hurricane Harvey

Houston: Tips for Hurricane Harvey


Tips for #HurricaneHarvey:

1. Grab frozen fish, fish sticks, chicken nuggets, and french fries.

2. Fry everything tonight. If you lose power, you can keep these for a few days without having to refrigerate them.

3. Get apples and watermelons. These don’t have to be refrigerated until you open them.

4. Make sure you have lemon, salt, whiskey, petroleum jelly, and bandages in case of any minor injuries.

5. Get a trash can so that you can collect some of the rain water. You may need it for your toilets.

6. Take all the big pots in your house and fill them with water. You can use this for bathing and for your toilets.

7. Of course, you should have already grabbed your canned goods (green veges and beans) and cases of water.

8. ALL OF YOUR IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS (Birth certificates, lease/mortgage agreements, bank statements, social security cards/ITIN documents, medical records, insurance cards, etc.), should be placed in a PLASTIC ZIP BAG and placed somewhere safely in a “Go Bag.”

9. Speaking of “Go Bags”, everyone in the house should have one. Stuff them with a few clothes, underwear, socks, feminine hygiene products, small flashlights, and of course, the head of the household should have the documents bag. Just in case you need to “grab and go” for an emergency evacuation.

10. If you have a fireplace, get some firewood and make sure you have some lighters. You may be able to cook on the fire if you need to.

11. If you don’t have candles, find CRAYONS. You can light them and they will stay lit for about 30 minutes.

12. Be sure to have Benadryl on hand if anyone in your home has allergies.

13. You should already have a first-aid kit. If you don’t, it’s probably too late to grab one now. See number 4.

14. CLEAN YOUR HOUSE. If you are without power, you will need to be able to locate what you need very quickly.

15. Get an ice chest and fill it with ice, just in case you need to store anything for a short period of time.

16. Grab bug candles and spray.


18. Get the kids’ bikes out of the yard and into your garage. Also, get any electronics, tools, etc., out of your garage and into your home.

19. Make sure all of your technology is charged to 100% NOW, and don’t use it, unless absolutely necessary.

20. If you do lose power in your home, unplug everything. This way, when the power comes back on, it won’t short circuit everything.

21. If you have an ancestral or spiritual work altar, make sure it is clean and stocked with a fresh offering. You know the rest.

22. Be safe, and do the absolute best you can with what you have.

I hope this was helpful.