Not Again – Frequent Pediatric Infections

"Why is my kiddo always sick?" As a board certified Allergist and Clinical Immunologist, I hear this often time and time again.

Repetitive illness can be an indication of a weak immune system when someone has more than 6 infections a year of eye, ear, sinus, lungs or skin. An initial suspicious indication of an immune problem is a history of a "longer than usual time of healing of the umbilical cord". As the child grows if he or she falls below the usual growth curve as long as the parent's physical stature is considered may also be suspicious of immune dysfunction.

School age absenteeism due to infections leading to learning difficulties such as the difficulty of hearing and or concentrating on school work or sleep disturbances are signs that child needs a referral to an allergy and clinical immunology specialist before any other invasive procedure is recommended.

Researchers at the immune deficiency foundation state that it takes four to six years with a history of frequent infections and of the poor quality of life before a definite diagnosis of common variable immune deficiency or primary immune deficiency can be made. Delay in diagnosis usually results in poorer outcomes than those adequately treated with specialist input.

Need help with your frequent reoccurring infections?
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Recurring infections

Allergic rhinitis
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Allergic skin conditions
Food/Drugs/Vaccines allergic reactions
Autoimmune response diseases
Immune system deficiencies

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Author: Virginia Madla MD