Labor Epidural or Natural Birth?

Labor Epidural or Natural Birth?

Many women stress over the issue of labor epidurals for a long time before coming into the hospital to delivery their baby.

Many times, the situation is made worse by the extraordinary amount of bad information that is available online regarding labor epidurals.

We believe this is a personal choice, but it’s one that should be made with accurate information. Check out this quick video to get better informed on labor epidurals.

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Author : David Draghinas

Dr David Draghinas is a board-certified anesthesiologist currently in private practice, working at several hospitals and surgery centers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He loves his job and considers it a special privilege to be able to take care of patients during what can be a stressful and vulnerable time..

Having spent time in academia, practicing military medicine, and now in private practice, he brings a unique perspective to the practice of anesthesia.