Alauna Curry, M.D.

Dr. Alauna Curry is a board-certified psychiatrist, Assistant Professor, author, public speaker, and life coach. Dr. Curry graduated summa cum laude from Xavier University of Louisiana with a B.S. in Biology. She received her medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine, where she completed a Biomedical Ethics Track at the Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy. She completed the prestigious Menninger Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences General Residency Program. Dr. Alauna has extensive experience treating PTSD and trauma-related conditions for US military veterans and beyond. She brings over 9 years of clinical experience to The Rowe Network, with a unique approach to Mind and Body Health through Professional Coaching. Her engaging and humorous style, as well as emphasis on building practical mental and emotional skills, makes the process of mental health recovery and wellness much easier to navigate (and, dare we say it, FUN!)

ROWE Network: Why did you choose to practice Coaching over “Psychiatry?”

Dr. Alauna: I firmly believe that to achieve a healthy body, you need a healthy mind and spirit. For example, how can I expect you to eat better and lose weight if you are depressed, stressed, traumatized and/or feeling under spiritual attack?!? The mind, body and spirit are inseparable, yet traditional healthcare practices tend to focus on one or the other at any given time, without fully integrating them all. The practice of modern psychiatry is geared towards figuring out “what’s wrong” with a person, and how we can “make it right.” I still bring that combination of informed evidence-based practices and medical knowledge, AND with Coaching, I can integrate practical education about the human body, unconventional wisdom, and entertaining exercises to empower people to identify their own STRENGTHS, or “what’s right”. Then, I help you figure out how to use those strengths to change the behaviors in your life that are getting in the way of you having the life you want!

ROWE Network: Why are you passionate about Mental Health and Coaching?

Dr. Alauna: I am passionate about Coaching in general because it applies to E-Ver-Y-Thing! I can take an approach that truly encompasses the whole person. When your mind ain’t right, your life ain’t gonna be right! (Yes, I said it!) Our world is rapidly changing, and the added demands placed on each human being’s body and mind creates stress and strife that leads to “malfunctions” we tend to experience as “mental illness.” Every single person and situation is different, and yet our struggles are often the same: coping with fear, sadness, anger and other painful experiences. No matter the diagnosis, (I’ve worked with everything from Major Depression, PTSD, Panic Disorder, Personality Disorders, etc) each person has had painful events that led to adapting a way of thinking to cope with the circumstances. This, by definition, is psychological trauma, but society rarely talks about the impact of our traumatic experiences, beyond PTSD, which is getting a bit more “shine” lately. But COACHING people to recognize the “traumas” of their lives, how those traumas shape their emotional responses and thought processes, and installing SKILLS they can adapt and practice, quite frankly, changes lives!

In fact, once these emotional and interpersonal skills are learned, and practiced, as with any other human skill, people become more and more effective at using them, which makes them better and better at winning the game of Life!

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone conquer their mental, spiritual, and physical struggles, because I know that I did not just help that one person. Healing and recovery for one means a better life for all people associated with and interacting with that person.

ROWE Network: What is your patient care philosophy? How is the relationship with your patients important to you?

Dr. Alauna: We live in a society full of superficial relationships. The combination of the way our brains our built (which I educate my clients about) and the way technology and society has developed, has collided to create a toxic stew for relationship connectivity. We are technically more “digitally connected” than ever, yet we seem to have forgotten how to truly BE CONNECTED to one another. Our lives and interactions pass by so quickly that these superficial interactions breed and deepen mistrust. And we learn best from people that we trust more, yet trust is BUILT on relationships! Our current healthcare system is delivered in a way that makes it VERY difficult to prioritize Relationship in a way that builds trust and understanding. I chose the ROWE Network platform because of the inherent potential for positive relationship to build naturally. We, quite literally, meet each other where we are, get to know each other, visualize YOUR goals, create a plan to get there, and put in place the actions that will lead to the outcomes YOU embraced. And once a person knows how to create effectively for themselves, they probably won’t need 20 years of traditional therapy and a bunch of different pills to stay on track!

ROWE Network: Do you prescribe medications?

Dr. Alauna: As a psychiatrist, I can prescribe medications, but in this coaching role, I don’t. Please don’t get me wrong; medications are very helpful and useful for many people when prescribed and used correctly, so if someone I am coaching could benefit from medications, I will happily educate them more in depth about the pros and cons of psychiatric medications, detailed info on individual meds they take, and how to get the most out of what they are using. In the Coaching role, however, I am a consultant, therefore I do NOT prescribe medications directly, but I can help guide the process of connecting the person to an appropriate prescriber for their needs, or navigating the often-daunting mental health system. My focus in coaching is to build skills so that people need fewer pills, hence the “skills over pills” motto. Sometimes people may be already using medications that they want to minimize by building their skills. That’s where I come in!

ROWE Network: What is your patient care philosophy?

Dr. Alauna: My philosophy is, I see PEOPLE, not just “PATIENTS.” If everyone struggles with some emotional and mental challenge, everyone has traumatic experiences, and no one gets organized and expansive emotional education (it doesn’t exist yet), it makes sense that every person has challenges that can benefit from my coaching!

My approach is straight forward: Our emotions drive us to experience and interpret the world in a way that makes it difficult for us to remain FULLY in control of what we do and say, day in and day out. Unfortunately, this also means that we “pop off” about things and then completely justify these behaviors through our own limited (emotion-influenced) perspective, without consideration of how others experienced us, too! This lack of empathy skills has caused us as a society and individually, to get further and further apart in perspective, with us giving credit to our intent without giving fair weight to our IMPACT on others.

My role is to help people experience themselves, CONTROL themselves, and in the face of their emotions, to have the skills to see more of their reality-based options, allowing them to CHOOSE the actions that get the results they want. While we may not be able to control EVERY aspect of our reality, we most certainly have more control than we believe over our circumstances.

When we are driven by emotional reasoning, we can survive, but we don’t tend to THRIVE. Even people who are very successful in parts of their lives often find their relationships to be unsatisfactory, and far from thriving. I help people create an environment for them to thrive. Most people have strengths they are not using to their best advantage. The term "Doctor" comes from the Latin word Docere which means "to instruct, teach, point out." I am not here to make anyone do anything, because frankly, that's just not possible. I am here to teach people how to create the right external and internal environment for them to be their "Best You." Often, people just need the tools to support making better choices for their lives. I aim to empower each person to take control and let their gifts help them overcome their challenges. I am recovery-oriented, meaning we work together towards your quality of life being the best it can be in whatever circumstances you may find yourself in.

ROWE Network: What is your favorite part about being a psychiatrist?

Dr. Alauna: I am proud to see patients "graduate" from my care, meaning they are stable on their medications (or off them, where possible), mastering their own challenges, and/or otherwise thriving in their lives. As a medical doctor, I am privy to an understanding of the human body that allows me to understand the wide reaches of the mind-body connection, therefore I educate people on the mental aspects associated with any physical illness. Those who accept my coaching will be taught a depth of understanding of how your minds and bodies function that will improve all your decision making about your physical and mental health. Many of my former patients tell me they still actively use what they learned under my care, and that it has a ripple effect of positive change for the individual I am caring for. It's an honor to know that my efforts to heal resonate far beyond the one-to-one patient interaction. I truly believe these concepts can heal the world.

ROWE Network: What are some of your favorite hobbies?

Dr. Alauna: I absolutely love reading books and diving into all types of music! I’m trying to detox from tablets and tv, but I do love to binge watch good shows occasionally. I love sports, especially football and basketball, and I am trying to learn how to play golf (FORE!!!!!!) I also love to laugh and strongly believe positive life experiences directly combat mental illness, so I am adventurous and up for [most] new experiences. And helping people, of course. If you truly desire to get better at Creating the life of your choice, and is willing to fully dedicate yourself to the process, I will happily work with you to make it happen!

Dr. Alauna provides the following services virtually via The Rowe Network:

  • Relationship and Interpersonal Coaching
  • Caregiver-Dependent Dynamic Coaching
  • Psychiatric Medication Consultation (EDUCATION only)
  • Profession and Executive Coaching
  • Employment and Workplace Dynamic Consultation
  • Grief and Loss Coaching
  • Life Transitions Coaching
  • Student and Performance Coachings
  • Physical Illness Management and Recovery Coaching
  • And other services as needed for the individual…

Examples of conditions Dr. Alauna works with virtually via The Rowe Network (on a case by case basis):

  • Depressive and Mood disorders
  • Anxiety and Panic disorders
  • Stress and trauma disorders
  • Attention and Impulse-control disorders
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Personality disorders

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