A’Tondra Vinchealle


I’m A’Tondra Vinchealle! Thanks for stopping by. Let’s get to know each other, shall we?

Well, I am a busy Mommy of 4 beautiful children (3 boys and 1 girl) and the oldest of 11 children. I was raised in Lagos, Nigeria for the first part of my childhood and my family moved to the Houston, TX area when I was about 10 years old.

About 7 years ago, I hired a coach because I was overweight, I was unhappy with my body looked, and as a result, I had low self-esteem. At first, I thought it was all about the exercising, but I quickly learned that if I wanted to gain my self-confidence, I had to do more than just lose those unwanted pounds.

I had to change my entire lifestyle.

Everything had to change. My activity levels, the way I ate, and most importantly, the way I thought about myself. I realized that what I wanted wasn’t only the weight loss, I wanted Whole Wellness.

I wanted to look good, feel good, eat well, have high self-esteem, and be able to tackle the world on my terms and have the self-confidence to be able to do it.

And so, what started out as just a simple weight loss challenge, became my ultimate mission to achieve Whole Wellness, while helping other people, just like you, achieve the same.

A few years later, I started A’Stronger~U Fitness, Health, and Wellness and the rest, well, The rest is still making history,

And I hope you will be a part of that story too.


  • I was recently named one of Houston’s Top 50 Fitness Professionals for 2017 by the Houston


  • When I was a kid, I secretly wanted t
  • be a rapper
  • Sometimes, I play around with Tarot Cards
  • When I was pregnant, my favorite snack was always squeezed lemon juice on plain potat
  • chips (or French fries)


  • Family time
  • Pal
  • Santo
  • Tai Chi
  • Long “flowy” dresses
  • Summer time
  • Reading at the beach


  • Fitness
  • Wellness
    • Fitness, Nutrition, and Wellness Consultation (online)
    • Body Composition Assessment (in-person only)
    • Personal Training (online or in-person)
    • Customized Workout Program Design (online)
  • Nutrition
    • 12-Week Weight Loss Program (online or in-person)
    • Nutrition Assessment (online or in-person)
    • Fitness, Nutrition, and Wellness Consultation (online)
    • Nutrition Coaching (online or in-person)
    • Meal Plan Design (online and only on a case-by-case basis)
    • Reiki Consultation (online)
    • Reiki Therapy (online or in-person)
    • Mindset Consultation (online)
    • Mindfulness Meditation (online or in-person)
    • Customized Mindset Work, Journaling, and Affirmation Plan (online)
  • Body Contouring
    • Ultrasonic Cavitation (coming soon...)


  • B.Sc. in Biological and Physical Sciences (self-directed studies in Biochemistry and Human Metabolism) from the University of Houston-Downtown
  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer (American College of Sports Medicine)
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • Piloxing Level One
  • Pilates Mat (Synergy Total Holistic Health and Wellness, inspired by Balanced Body)
  • Non-Invasive Advanced Body Contouring and Skin Tightening using RF Modalities (Texas Laser Institute, alstrained on Venus Machines) – Services coming soon
  • Basic Life Support (American Red Cross)
  • Metabolic Technician Certification (Life Time Fitness)
  • MyHealthScore Certification (Life Time Fitness)
  • Reiki Level II Therapist (A Life of Peace Wellness Institute)

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