Healthcare Is A Phone Call Away

The tragic attack this week in New York City reminds us all of how vulnerable we are in this day and age. Often, our healthcare system is heavily taxed due to multiple injuries and fatalities. On September 11, 2001, hospitals from hundreds of miles away were on standby to assist with the overwhelming demands for healthcare on that tragic day, including the hospital where I worked at that time, Jewish Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky.

Keeping Your Little Pumpkin’s Safe During Halloween

We are approaching the end of October very soon and for some families that means cute photo ops at pumpkin patches, bone fire nights with s’mores, hayrides, touring apple orchards and plenty other fall festivities. Now comes the time for haunted houses, the latest superhero and princess’ costumes, parades, and buckets full of sweets.

My doctor’s office referred me to the Emergency Department (ED)

My doctor’s office referred me to the Emergency Department (ED):

The first and most important thing to know is exactly why you are referred to the ED. Was it because you spoke to the front desk person to try to schedule an appointment and they suggested you go to the ED instead? Did you speak to the nurse and based on your symptoms, he or she recommended that you go to the ED? Did the office simply not have any appointments available and stated that if you felt you need to be seen sooner to go to the ED? Did you have a recent appointment and the doctor told you specific symptoms to go to the ED for and those have now occurred? Did you have a recent appointment in which labs or x-rays were ordered and have resulted abnormally and you are being referred to the ED?

Each of the scenarios above occur on a daily basis in our healthcare system.

The Virtual Physician Summit 2017 Helps Docs Take Their Careers to the Next Level of Success

There are moments in your life when you know you’ve done the right thing and attending the Physician Virtual Summit 2017 in Houston, Texas was one of them. I had no pre-conceived expectations except to finally meet some of the members of RoweDocs, a group of physicians who practice medicine virtually under the leadership of founder and CEO, Dr. Latisha Rowe, a visionary, leader and game changer in terms of our healthcare delivery systems.

Bypassing the Kidney Waiting List

Selena Gomez received a kidney transplant from her friend Francia Raisa this summer. How many people even knew that she needed one? What an incredible gift! However, over 100,000 people remain on the kidney waiting list, and 12 people will die each day while they wait for a kidney to become available.

KEEP CALM and breathe

ASTHMA EDUCATION series for the lay person. 

This is part of my 'everybody guide to understanding asthma.'
Most people have heard of the term asthma, whether they experience it or not. But what is it? Many agree that it's when someone can't breathe for one reason or another.

Disaster Preparedness in a Pregnant Woman

In the days leading up to Hurricane Harvey, I found myself having disaster preparedness conversation with my patients as part of their routine prenatal visits. Disasters, natural or man-made, disrupt people’s lives, families and the community. In addition, disasters affect access to your physician and medical services.

Kid Safety: Surviving Hurricane Harvey Aftermath

When disaster strikes...

When disaster strikes it takes us out of our normal routine and as parents we know that children thrive best when they have daily routines. Here are some safety tips and reminders on how to prepare your little ones to keep them safe during the storm and the aftermath.

5 Reasons to use a Virtual Doctor during a Disaster

In Houston all of my colleagues offices are closed and there is limited access to the Texas Medical Center due to Hurricane Harvey. As a virtual medical doctor there was only one thought on my mind this entire weekend, “How can I help?”

As a Floridian I have certainly faced my share of natural disasters beginning with Hurricane Andrew, a category 5 hurricane in 1992. Living through Hurricane Andrew gave me false sense of calm when it came to natural disaster prior to Hurricane Katrina.