Armenian Lentil, Wheat, and Spinach Soup

Today’s recipe is a bit more special than my usual recipes. Panjarabour, or Armenian lentil, wheat, and spinach (or chard) soup, is truly one of my favorite foods ever. I was introduced to this soup by my grandmother, Gila (not her actual name, just what we call her), as a young adult.

5 Ways to Stop a Panic Attack

Panic attacks can be terrifying and life-altering if they are not controlled! Often they are so scary that every detail of someone’s first attack becomes etched permanently in their mind. Are you wondering how to stop a panic attack? Let me tell you what to do during a panic attack so that you can learn how to control panic attacks instead of them controlling you.

Labor Epidural or Natural Birth?

Many women stress over the issue of labor epidurals for a long time before coming into the hospital to delivery their baby.

Many times, the situation is made worse by the extraordinary amount of bad information that is available online regarding labor epidurals.

What Is Anemia?

Anemia affects 3 million Americans, so most people have heard of the term. However, I have found that much confusion surrounds the disease. Anemia is a generic term for a low number of red blood cells or when the red blood cells don’t function properly.

Avoiding the Dreaded Flu

Author : Mary Ann Rodriguez, MD

There are so many advices going around these days on how to avoid the dreaded flu. Take this supplement, take the flu shot, cover your mouth when you cough, use this air filter, etc. Yes, advise those who are sick to stay home and practice cough etiquette.

Got the Flu? Help May Be Just a Call or Computer Click Away

( - Houston, TX, February 22, 2018 – Aaachoooo! If that sneeze is accompanied by a cough and fever, you may have the flu, but don’t go running just yet to the doctor’s office or to the hospital emergency room where you can spread those germs while you wait…and wait…and wait, warns Irene Tien, MD, board-certified physician in emergency medicine and pediatric emergency medicine.

10 surprising things you need to know about the emergency department

Despite the fact that most people will have had the misfortune of visiting the emergency department (ED) at some point in their life, I find that many folks do not really understand what happens in the ED.

1. Emergency medicine is a specialty. Yes, we actually did residency training to learn how to work in the ED. This training lasted three to four years after medical school and is sometimes followed by another one to three years of additional training for subspecialty certifications, like pediatric emergency medicine, toxicology, hyperbaric and undersea medicine to name a few.