Disaster Preparedness in a Pregnant Woman

In the days leading up to Hurricane Harvey, I found myself having disaster preparedness conversation with my patients as part of their routine prenatal visits. Disasters, natural or man-made, disrupt people’s lives, families and the community. In addition, disasters affect access to your physician and medical services.

Kid Safety: Surviving Hurricane Harvey Aftermath

When disaster strikes...

When disaster strikes it takes us out of our normal routine and as parents we know that children thrive best when they have daily routines. Here are some safety tips and reminders on how to prepare your little ones to keep them safe during the storm and the aftermath.

5 Reasons to use a Virtual Doctor during a Disaster

In Houston all of my colleagues offices are closed and there is limited access to the Texas Medical Center due to Hurricane Harvey. As a virtual medical doctor there was only one thought on my mind this entire weekend, “How can I help?”

As a Floridian I have certainly faced my share of natural disasters beginning with Hurricane Andrew, a category 5 hurricane in 1992. Living through Hurricane Andrew gave me false sense of calm when it came to natural disaster prior to Hurricane Katrina.

Houston: Tips for Hurricane Harvey


Tips for #HurricaneHarvey:

1. Grab frozen fish, fish sticks, chicken nuggets, and french fries.

2. Fry everything tonight. If you lose power, you can keep these for a few days without having to refrigerate them.

3. Get apples and watermelons.

Can exercise be used as medicine?

Exercise has been shown to decrease the risk of several diseases. According to an article published in the journal of British Pharmacology.

"There is evidence for prescribing exercise in the primary and secondary prevention of pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases (CHD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hypertension, intermittent claudication); metabolic disorders (type 2 diabetes, dyslipaemia, obesity, insulin resistance); muscle, bone and joint diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, osteoporosis); cancer; and depression"

The concluding remarks from this paper, "Exercise is so beneficial for health that it should be considered as a drug.

DC Pregnant Women are the Victims but Who is the Real Culprit?

Women in one of the poorest communities in the District of Columbia will no longer be able to deliver babies at their community hospital, United Medical Center. Why? Please keep reading.

I will not address the absence of clinical standards performed by the staff that led to a newborn baby being infected with HIV and an obese preeclamptic patient with a severe breathing disorder being harmed.

Why Everyone Probably Needs A Therapist

Everyone needs a therapist. Yes, I said it! Why? Because it's true! Let's face it...all of us can have our crazy moments whether you want to admit it or not. Sometimes the way that we think may be "off" due to life dealing you some hard times. It may be that you are having financial issues, relationship problems, or a loss of a family member.

Not Again – Frequent Pediatric Infections

"Why is my kiddo always sick?" As a board certified Allergist and Clinical Immunologist, I hear this often time and time again.

Repetitive illness can be an indication of a weak immune system when someone has more than 6 infections a year of eye, ear, sinus, lungs or skin.

Let’s Talk About Herpes

Let’s talk about herpes simplex virus. There’re two main types of herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV 1) and herpes simplex type 2 (HSV2). HSV2 is most often transmitted by genital or anal intercourse. HSV 1 is most commonly transmitted orally and is associated with cold sores.