Dr. Rowe


Dr. Rowe is a physician entrepreneur who is dedicated to providing exceptional medical care. Dr. Rowe is a native of Miami, Florida where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Psychobiology at the University of Miami. She moved to Philadelphia to obtain her Doctorate of Medicine (MD) at Temple University School of Medicine. She then completed her residency in Family Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine. She obtained her Masters of Business Administration from Bauer College of Business through a Business of Medicine Fellowship at Kelsey Seybold Clinic.

Dr. Rowe is committed to education and outreach in her local community. She created the Rowetation Nutritional Challenge to help individuals find the support they need to achieve or maintain a healthy lifestyle. The network has grown exponentially and members are consistently losing weight and inches while gaining energy and confidence.

Dr. Rowe is also an active member of The Artemis Medical Society and numerous local organizations including The Mary Susan Moore Medical Society, American Academy of Family Physicians, Texas Medical Association, and Harris County Medical Society. She supports numerous community programs including the Sister’s Network Breast Cancer Awareness Walk, March of Dimes Honey Child Prenatal Education Program, and the American Diabetes Association StepOut Walk.

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