Dr. KaNisha L. Hall


Dr. KaNisha L. Hall is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist with a growing Women's Health Practice. Her practice focuses on nutrition, hormonal balance, menopause, weight loss, and sexual wellness. She is a native of Shreveport, LA. After graduating top of her class from Louisiana Tech University with a B.S. in Chemistry in 2002, she succeeded with a second B.S. in Bio-Science Technology from Thomas Jefferson University in 2004. Adeptly, Dr. KaNisha ventured to Sagamihara, Japan to complete her fellowship in Cytopathology at Kitasato University. She attained a Doctorate of Medicine from Howard University in 2008, later completing her residency in anesthesiology at Louisiana Health Sciences Center in 2012. She holds a Masters of Arts (M.A.) in counseling. Ambition led her to matriculate at The University of Michigan where she studied as a cohort in sexual health and counseling.

Dr. KaNisha Hall lives by the motto "Look, Feel and BE your Best". In the spirit total self-care, she brings medical awareness to the importance of sexual health education in both women and men. It's an underserved topic. Dr. Hall compiled her knowledge as a medical practitioner and counselor into one comprehensive guidebook, "Sex After…"

Dr. KaNisha stated, "Too often, I would talk to women whose sex life was unfulfilling. I found that those who didn't nurture their sexual needs had other health and mental complications, as well. Having a healthy sex life has a profound impact on most aspects of life, which is why I knew that I had to redirect my energies and focus into the community." Her methodologies around creating life balance and sexual pleasure display a candid yet iatrical point of view. Dr. KaNisha spends much of her time educating the masses on social media, and via features on radio podcasts, news sites, and blogs.

Dr. Hall currently practices medicine and conducts physician counseling in LA, TX, GA, and MI.

Learn more about Dr. KaNisha at www.Dr.KaNisha.com.

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