Dr. Rachna Kucheria

Dr. Rachna Kucheria is an experienced, Board-certified family physician who works on the lines of the old-fashioned ‘family doctor’ we grew up with and hope to find again!

After completing her Family Medicine training at University of Southern California, she worked as Medical Director, providing care to underserved patients in South Los Angeles.

Her emphasis on early, accurate diagnosis, appropriate minimal medicines, clear patient communication, and compassionate care sets her apart.

  • Dr Kucheria currently practices in a well-reputed secondary care hospital in New Delhi. She also works a few months in the year in California.
  • Dr. Kucheria specializes in geriatric/elderly care and also runs a boutique home-based practice. Through telemedicine, she is able to manage many chronic conditions like high blood pressure and depression anxiety as well as acute conditions like fever and urinary infections.
  • Dr Kucheria is a second- generation physician, carrying on a family legacy of integrity, quality and philanthropy in her practice.

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