Telemedicine for Your Residential Community

Flu Season is around the corner and as we know well germs spread fast. Keep your residents and your staff healthy by keeping a doctor on standby day and night. RoweDocs offers video visits with a medical doctor day or night and weekends from the comfort of your home. Don’t wait hours in urgent care when you can get the same service without leaving your building.

A New Amenity

Like every residential community you want to offer your residents the best amenities in the city. Now in addition to a great lounge, gym and parking options you can connect your residents with an “on call” physician at no extra cost to you.


Reasons to Use a Virtual Visit

  • Flu
  • Rashes
  • UTI
  • Medication Refills
  • Second Opinions
  • Headache
  • Mental Health

Complimentary Services

  • 25 First Visit Free Gift Cards
  • Wellness Day Health Screenings
  • Access to Online Webinars
  • Medication Delivery

Premium Services

  • Telemedicine Site Set-Up
  • On Site Lab Draw
  • Concierge Health

Premium Services